Vehicle Side Loading Ramps

The top portion of the ramps will be secured in a fixed position (vertically) to the bed due to the two pins. However, it will have some lateral (lengthwise to the bed) movement to match up to various vehicle widths (RZR is slightly wider than Smart car). The bottom hinge would be a "not to exceed angle". The middle top hinge would be movable. That will keep the ramp fixed when loading and unloading but still give it some freedom to reach down to the ground. The forward-most pin in the ramp (not the receiver tube) will be removable and allow the receiver tube to collapse flat. Once the pin is reinserted into the same holes, it will hold the tube flat within the ramps and the ramps can be folded and stored below the bed surface.

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Volvo 730 HDT RV Hauler - Vehicle Side Loading Ramps Photo


Vehicle Side Loading Ramps Build Photo